I'm a noob at guitar playing i can play a few songs here and there but i REALLY suck at setting up my amp and my pedal. I have a vox ad30vt amp and a boss mt-2 metal zone pedal. I want to get a sort of a James Hetfield from Metallica sound (or as close as possible) like the intro to master of puppets, something that makes palm mutes stand out. I really need help no matter what i do it doesnt sound well . My guitar is a dean zx if thats of any help. Please help me out thanks alot in advanced
Settings thread bro.

But i'll help anyway. Treble - 7, Middle - 2, Bass - 7, and figure out the volume and gain based on your amp.


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Stop using the pedal then.
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Stop using the pedal then.


the Vox AD30VT doesn't need pedals nor does it sound good with them at all. Any distortion pedal just turns to tone into mush from my experience. i find the secret to getting a decent metal tone out of these amps is to use either the UK modern, Nu Metal or US hi-gain amp models, and don't push the gain much past halfway (as they already have so much gain that if you turn it up higher it'll just make everything go sloppy). as far as EQing goes, you've got ears, use them.
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No reason to run a pos dist pedal through a modeler like the vox advt series. I think you need to spend some more time eq'ing. I went and checked one of these out on the used market and it wasn't that hard to get a nice high-gain sound. It was also pretty easy to get a metallica sound out of it as well.

I think these have the wattage attenuator selector in the back. Try putting all your volume controls at max and using the wattage knob in the back to level out the volume. Worth a shot. Otherwise, just keep tweaking until you find something nice.
thanks , the ad30vt has a bunch of ampp models to choose from that too idk which one to pick. But yeah ill try maxing the volume and using the wattage nob on the back. Should i use more trebble or more bass ?
Really, that's up to you. The way I like to EQ is to put everything at 5 (12 o clock). Start with treble, turn all the way down to 0 while playing a powerchord and then up to 10 and take note of the affect it has on your tone. Move treble back to 5 and continue with mids and then the bass. Once you get the idea of the different tonal changes, set your eq up.

These vox's aren't known for their metal tones, but I have been able to coax out metal tones with a bit of eq'ing.

I found this from a site that may be close to the right desc. of the amp models:

The UK MODERN is a Marshall J-800. NUMETAL is based on a Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier amp. US HIGAIN is likely a Mesa Boogie Mark III or IV series amp.

The UK Modern should get you into Metallica territories. Try the other two for a higher gain sound.
Ive looked up online different settings but they never sound well. When i palm mute it just sounds weird it doesnt sound chunky or anything blah i fail
Ahh sorry for the double post, but TS this should help you out. The one thing I love about Vox's site is the settings page. Check this


Click on the preset name and it will give you a photo of the top of the ADVT series amps to show you exactly how everything is EQ'd. Some also have sound samples so you can hear what it sounds like.

I would just pull the amp up to the computer and go through all these. Find one you look and tweak it to perfection!