The string-skipping palm-mute technique used in a lot of hardcore songs is the one technique that seems to elude me. I have a really hard time doing even the simplest among them. It's rather upsetting considering I've been playing guitar almost two years now and I can't even play a simple metalcore riff. Here's an example of a standard riff that I'm looking to play:


Is there a trick to this? Is there an exercise I can practice to train myself to do it? Any songs I could practice on? Any and all help will be appreciated. It's giving me a real headache.
Play it slower than work your way up. I can almost master it and I only played for 8 months.
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I would not call that string skipping.

What sort of picking approach are you using? Up to speed that most would play it, you should be using alternate picking.

What is it about it that is troubling you?
Do you mean palm muting the pedal note?

If so start out slow and build up the peed. When releasing the palm mute keep it close to the strings alowing you to palm mute the next open string quickly.