Song I wrote OTS at the piano tonight. About desperation. Transcribed verbatim from OTS recording so there's probably some unnecessary repetition but oh well. Enjoy. Not as sexual as it sounds.

Like A Bride Over the Threshold (Tangerine Song)

A mysterious man burst into my house today
I didn’t know what to do I didn’t know what to say
I didn’t know what he wanted he didn’t tell me what he wanted
He threw the refrigerator door open opened one of the drawers
Put his hand into a bag

How he knew where they were I don’t know
I still don’t know
How he knew how to open the bag
Which I had readily sealed with a masterlock and a rubber band I don’t know
I still don’t know

And it was after he peeled a little off the first one
I finally got the strength and courage to speak my mind
Hey dude I said with a grin a scared grin
Take your hands off of my goddamn tangerines
I didn’t mind it when you broke into my house
I didn’t mind it when you were going for my food
I didn’t mind when you took my girl took my mother
Took my dogs took my world
But please
Take your hands off of my goddamn tangerines

Nature left me with her candy
In the form of these great fruits
Nature left me to protect them
It’s the only thing I have left

I found them in the dumpster of the old Albertsons
But they’re like gold to me

Get your goddamn hands off of my tangerines
Put them back where you found them
Shut the door to my fridge
Walk out the front of my house
Never return
And if you don’t do any of that other stuff
At least let go of my fruit

You need to take your hands off of my tangerines
Please sir I’m begging you
You got to take your hands off of goddamn tangerines
They’re all I have left
Great lyrics, pretty fun to read, and great if it's OTS

Some places where the rythm gets a bit weird (Like 'Never Return'), but I know that you can put any lyrics in the rythm you want (I've just done something like it...).

Definitely keep on going with stuff like that. Have you recorded any music for it?
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Version of this uploaded on profile. still messing around with it and the recording is pretty rough. watch your volume when/if you listen. I'm telling you, the hardest person to work with is yourself when it comes with collaborating on a recording.

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