So every night, a bunch of posters (including me) write ridiculous posts that either get you banned for flaming, or are just idiotic. Well, he's your chance to let loose.
I'm tired right now, so this thread might me really pointless.

If anyone remembers my thread for a week ago about the bear and the hawk, the bear won.
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hard sciences don't have correct and incorrect answers actually
Thanks bro. We are forever indebted to you
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You sir, have made my day awesome.


RIP Les Paul, I bet he's forming a kick-ass band up there to play The Great Gig in the Sky. Maybe we'll all have to use a Stairway to Heaven to go see them play. You know I'm funny.
So what are we supposed to do?
The wooden stakes only splinter their gums, and the real stakes distract them temporarily.
Garlic makes them smell bad, everything falls out of holy water.
We are screwed, gentlemen.
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Next hendrix is like a a sidesplitting triumph of slapstick and scatology, a runaway moneymaker and budding franchise, the worst thing to happen to Kazakhstan since the Mongol hordes, and, a communist.

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TS, you cant spell tired, and this is spam, but the bed thread WASNT

Bands I must see in concert
The Black Crowes
Black Stone Cherry
The Darkness and/or the sideprojects of the band members
The Answer

Theres more. But those are the main ones