hey i uploaded some new songs on my profile and it be cool if u could check em out and maybe give me a few pointers. whether it be on my transitions, riffs, or just my theory in general.
Riffs and Recordings forum.

But anyways, once That 70's Show hits commercial break here, I'll give it a looksy.
I listened to Wasted Worry and Gone In A Moment.

Wasted Worry was pretty enjoyable, had some nice fast parts and slow parts. The guitar tone was very nice. I'm don't usually like really fuzzy distorted stuff but I really liked that.

Gone In A Moment seemed pretty standard to me. Yes, good riffs and setup and etc., but not really amazing. Experiment with going between different dynamics (like soft and heavy parts, buildups), syncopation (accenting the upbeats instead of downbeats), phrasing (don't always end your riffs after one or two bars), time signature changes (try different kinds of meter), etc.

It pretty much stayed the same feel the entire song. Try changing keys, using chord substitution, and whatnot.

I liked your use of harmonization and keyboards. It added a really nice effect. But the song just didn't hold my interest that much. It didn't really build up excitement for me.
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hey thanks fur the critique man. yeah Gone in a Moment is kinda four four timing the whole time with not much varying tempos or rythems. ill work on it