Ok, so I'm getting a cheap low wattage tube amp mainly for bedroom practice, but I was wondering what sort of combination would be better. I've been looking at Orange's and Voxes and Blackstar's HT-5, which to my ears all have some great sounds on offer (especially the fuzz sounds). However, if I put some pedals in front of the amp, wouldn't an amp with great cleans (like a Fender for instance) get me more width in the sort of sounds I'm going to be able to get?

So my dilemma is this; an amp with great fuzz sounds, or an amp with great clean sounds and a little big muff (which I already have, btw)?

The music I'll be playing... or at least the sound I'm looking for includes things from old rock (Zeppelin, Hendrix) to more contemporary grunge things like the Melvins, Soundgarden, Nirvana.

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my philosophy has always been go for the best clean sound possible. this way you can add all the pedals you want but still have a good clean
that all depends on you. pedals can only get you so far and in my opinion shouldnt be used as a primary source of sound.

with what you want id look into the Tiny terror by Orange.
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It depends how much you need godly clean sounds. It's like this: Your dirty tone will suffer if you use a primarily clean amp with pedals. However, if you use pedals or not on a primarily dirty amp, your clean tone will suffer.

In your case. I'd go with something like the Tiny Terror, and that's only because it's a lot more British and vintage voiced than the Blackstar. Especially with a good fuzz in front of it, you will cover everything you want to play quite easily!
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Why don't you use both?

I think an AC15 would do you nicely. Nice overdrive channel for some sounds, and then you could use a fuzz pedal for Hendrix type sounds, and as for grunge...you could just use a cheap distortion pedal like a DS-1 into the overdrive channel of the AC15 and it would sound fine. The grunge sound isn't really hard to capture.

I think the guitarist of Soundgarden used a Peavey VTM, which go very cheap now and are basically hot rodded JCM 800 copies. Thats something to look into as well.
Vox AC15/AC30? Great overdrive and some nice clean jangle
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Thanks for all the quick replies!

I'll be a/b-ing all the amps you mentioned of course, before I'm buying anything. The blackstar was mainly on the list because of the great value. From what I've heard on youtube it does lack the jangle of a nice british style amp. Too bad, cause that means I need to save up more
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