So ive been getting into softer more relaxing stuff lately and now im looking for some bands that kinda have that sound.
I usually listen to Tool because they have some really good songs that are kinda soft. Does anyone know any bands that are like them. i dont really care about genres anything will work.

Help please??
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good luck.

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Aphex Twin, God Is An Astronaut, Mogwai, Isis, etc. etc.

Look at those bands and expand from there
Definitely Sigur Rós. Nothing like Tool, but you need to listen to 'em.
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Nox Arcana, Mortiis, The Angelic Process, and the albums Hliðskjálf and Dauði Baldrs from the band Burzum.
Sigur Ros, This Will Destroy You, Explosions in the Sky,

...basically lots of post-rock bands
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I'll just a list a bunch of bands I really enjoy which have ambient elements (to at least some of their songs):

godspeed you black emperor
red sparowes
some of the stuff from the water and air discs on thrice's alchemy index
isis (i know they've been mentioned, but goddamn are they awesome)
cult of luna is in the same league as isis, as far as i'm concerned
jesu, likewise
... and neurosis
nine inch nails have some nice quiet tracks
65daysofstatic are typically more fast-paced, but have a nice airy quality to their sound
my bloody valentine
pelican's stuff is usually a bit heavier, but very awesome room music
and robert rich, if you want to really go ambient