I have a 15 W Vox practice amp. Now I think it's time to get something a lot bigger.

I have a pretty small budget, around 400 -450 bucks. I already have a multieffects pedal. I mainly play metal.

What should/can I get?
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"Metal" is far too broad of a genre - you need to be more specific. Name some bands/artists that you would like to emulate.

Is this for gigging or strictly home use?

Are you willing to go used?

What other gear are you using - more specifically, what brand/model is your multi-effects?
I like to play thrash and a more melodic style of metal, think from Megadeth to Iron Maiden. I mainly play "lead" guitars, if that's a factor. It would be primarily for home use, however I'd like to have the option maybe in years to come.
Right now my guitar is an Epiphone Les Paul, but I hope to be getting a Schecter Extreme 6 FR with EMGs soon enough. My multi-effects pedal is a Digitech RP355.

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No. Get a Peavey Windsor and a 2X12 cab if you want to lean more towards the Maiden tones and a B-52 AT-112 if you want to lean more towards the Metallica tones.
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