Will the Low B string on a 7 String damage a guitar amp? I have been told that you should not play a Bass on a guitar amp because it will damage the amp. I do not know the truth to this. my little mini cube is on the frits and cuts out on me when i hit my low b string.
i doubt having the 7 string would affect it i think its just that your amp is blown up my brothers bass amp and my amp both did that

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I don't think so...It's about the frequencies actually. The bass damages the speaker mainly. I think that there will be no problem with one more string...I'm not sure though since I know nothing on the subject.

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well, its just that a normal 10W amp may not be able to reproduce the frequencies well,
esp if its a cheap amp,

get a 35Watter atleast and you wont face problems

(not directed to TS but i dont get why people buy expensive guitars and cheap amps, then they complain that they cant get a good tone)
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im pretty sure slipknots tuning tunes the low E string down to a B pitch (dont hold me to that), and that goes thru regular amps fine so it shudnt b a problem
The problem might be that the Micro Cube has a 5" speaker. That is probably what's causing your problems (that or the speaker is blown).

And yes, the thing why people are advised against using bass with guitar amps is the speakers (the guitar amp speakers are not designed to handle such low frequencies that bass guitars use).
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The Reasons that a bass guitar cannot be used into a guitar amplifier is not due to the lowness of the note persay, but due to the overtones a bass guitar produces.
You are fine.
If Meshuggah can use downtuned 8 Stings you can Use a 7 String.
Yes, this is fine.
But like its been said, you'll need a more powerful amp to get a broader range of frequencies.
There's are bands that i know that play in Drop G and you can hear them perfectly.

I personally play in drop A and have never had a problem with that low note cutting out.
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