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So, Pit, what kind of sunglasses do you prefer? I'm more of an aviators guy, but I'm kind of intrigued with just over sized sunglasses.

So, what is your favorite brand/style of sunglasses? Pics are welcome!

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oakley oil rig's.. sickk sunnies
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I own a pair of Rayban Aviators, and I very much enjoy them. I want darker lenses on them, but they still rock.

Like these, but with lighter shaded lenses.
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I have a pair of basic Oakley's, but would like a pair of Ray Ban Aviators.
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You, fine sir, have impeccable taste.

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I personally go for the aviator frames, but I have the plain black lenses, dont really like the silver lenses
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Does anyone know what this style is called?

Elton John Mega Fabulastic Glasses?
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I'm actually looking to buy some like this, and I can't find them anywhere. And I don't really want to buy them online.

Does anyone know what this style is called?


My step dad owns an optometrists so I got a $200 pair of them for free


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I love my aviators,but I viciously hate those kanye west ***govison things
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its hard to find sunglasses that suit me me eyebrows are too high up lol
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Rayban Wayfarers are the only sunglasses I've managed to enjoy. Anything else is essentially stupid and a waste of time and money. FACT.

+1 to this
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Looking to buy a Fender Jagstang, u sellin?
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i own a beautiful pair of ray ban sidestreets. they set me back $350, but they look amazing.
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I wear mirrored aviators...

...when I'm trying to look like a douchebag.

I love them, but I own these...

... like everyone else does.
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Since I was about ten I was wearing a pair of Ray Ban Waferers that I found in my dad's closet. It really makes me sad that they came back into style now because I was wearing them for like seven or eight years before anyone else and I caught a ton of shit for it because they looked "weird".

That and I have a few pairs of mirrored aviators, a pair of mirrored waferers (not the ray bans) and the ray bans. They all have either mirrored lenses or lenses so dark you can't see my eyes. Nobody will ever see my eyes again if I'm wearing sunglasses
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