Ive had this guitar for about 5 years now, and would not part with it , ever. I would like to know how old it is. It was given to me by the brother of a neighbor and good friend of mine who died from an athsma attack . The trippy thing is that my late friend was a lefty...LIKE ME. At some point the guitar had been re-configured for him, although the original bridge plate was left in place, The plastic bridge piece was removed, the slot was filled, then a new slot was routered in the opposite angle to ensure proper intonation. The top nut ,of course was replaced with a lefty. But, the pick guard was not moved from its original position. The "rack " tuners are original also. Although this guitar has been modified and no doubt, as a result has lost monetary value...I couldn't care less. I'm a lefty and so is this FG-140. And that works . It has such a rich , full bodied tone. Gee...you'd think I was talking about high dollar coffee or something. Anyway, it almost seems like fate that I have it now. I miss my buddy Bill and the good times we had playing together. Anyway, people ask me "How old is it?". I tell them that I'm not sure...1970's I think. The serial # is T 0094228 . If you have a clue , please let me know. I haven't checked out the Yamaha website yet. Probably should have tried there first. oh well! Thanx
The serial number on my FG-150 doesn't work in the online calculator thing anyway!

It sounds like a late 60s or early 70s guitar if its a red label, and if its an orange label then it's a later 70s one. Mines the former; a red label from around 1971. I absolutely love it to bits - the tone is great and mine being a small folk body is very loud indeed for its size!
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