Would I simply add an Input jack and Wire it to the Pot as If It were a Volume control and connect the grounds?
I think volume pedals usually have more than just a pot in them, they got a few resistors etc but now that I think about it, there most likely for the LED(s)?

But yeah, it won't be too hard
That's what I thought.
I just don't feel like throwing cash at a Volume pedal when I can pick up a use Expression for around $20 and mod it into a volume.
I might try it out soon enough.
let me know if this works, because id like to try it as well
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if you want to mod a wah to a wah and volume pedal, just add a switch that bypasses the capactior on the pot that the wah moves
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The problem with using a wah pedal as a volume pedal is that you don't get the full 300 degrees of rotation from the pot. You wouldn't be able to go from full volume to nothing.