I have this pacifica 012, which i bought for a pretty good price
Thing is, its in pretty much brand new condition so i'm reluctant to break it up for a project. I've thought about selling it (it's still up on a couple of websites), but i've had no replies

in terms of using it for my planned project, there are a couple of small problems:
a] the nut is slightly too small - i could replace this, would people recommend a graphtech one? it's for a hardtail, but i still bend a lot

b] i don't really like the look of the neck wood (not really sure why)

c] another picture of the wood, and also the tuners which are frankly awful

any advice? i think that seeing as i got it quite cheap i should go for it anyway, but its a shame to break up a basically new guitar
i doubt i'd get anything for the body, even loaded
If your selling it, clean it up a bit, the fretboard looks really worn.