Is the Blackstar HT-5 combo able to do metal? Or would I need an overdrive, or active pickups to get that much distortion?

All what cheap multi-fx would be good with the amp, only the look Boss ME20 looks suitable, the Digitiech RP350 looks far too flimsy.
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From what I've heard it should have enough gain do do metal nicely but an overdrive would help push it to do the more hardcore stuff.

Why do you need another multi-fx if you already have the ME-20?
Whoops sorry, corrected it now.

Ueah basically I want to get a Fightstar esque tone, which is played on Mesas and 5150s and Diezels
Well, I have a Blackstar HT-5 and with the ISF control in the 'US' position you can get a nice Mesa/5150-esque tone. But it would sound even better when boosted with an OD pedal.
yeah should be fine
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