well your better than me so everything seems fine. How long have you been playing?
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well not bad but in the spanish castle magic you are some other key during the solo.


Start listening more, you were in completely the wrong key.
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Start listening more, you were in completely the wrong key.

Thx guys appreciate it. Will work on that. I rushed on the solo and didn't really notice the key change, thought he was playing the chorus riff. I was playing in the Em pentatonic scale when I should have played in C#m. Will post a new vid of Spanish castle magic when playing the solo in the right key.
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Sounds like you have a decent foundation of playing and phrasing. You have decent tone. Spanish Castle in C minor (or Csharp if you are not tuning down) i think. You were meandering a bit on Spanish castle it was a bit boring at times. When you are improvising you shouldnt blindly play whatever have a list of licks you might add into the solo figure out where you are going ie have a target. Try and include more dynamics...at times be more aggressive and pick the strings hard.