Hello, first i want to explain myself... I play metal (i think only metal, mostly thrash and death). So i want bass that suits in those genres (NO JAZZ or something like that and dont even say word about Gibsons ) and i want a good amp for metal genre which is cheap and good. Currently i have BC rich warlock and ****ty amp. Help me with this hard decision
Well, other than Fenders (wich do metal very well :P) I'd say look into a Musicman type bass, a Warwick or a Rickenbacker if budget allows. However if it doesn't, some nice import basses are made by Dean, Traben, ESP/LTD, Ibanez & Schecter (no flame wars to be had here, but I like Dean basses, they're just abit hit & miss with quality, although that is improving)
With amps, again, budget plays a very large part, if you hav a high buget I'd look into some tube amps, but Marshall, Orange, Matamp & Ampeg, although if you're on a smaller bufget, you should IMO look into Hartke, Ashdown, Trace Elliot & Acoustic.

There's always looking second hand aswell.

although I don't like Deans
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Thank you for your answer . ESP:s are gorgeus for me and i think im going to get one of those. Or if i find an nice Ibanez i will get it. Amp is harder decision to me because im not very skilled getting em. http://www.thomann.de/fi/warwick_blue_cab_601.htm I was plannin about this one (i have smaller version of that currently). Is it good enought to play loud and hard?