After the relatively positive results of my last song, I've decided to upload another of my creations. This song is more of an Atheist/Cynic type Death Metal song that incorporates no superspeed blast beats but attempts to keep a fast yet rhythmic pace. I originally wrote this song about a year ago, but more recently revised the drums to make them less boring - but they still might be a little weak, since I'm not too familiar with drums. And as always, I'll be glad to crit your piece in return.

Some adjustments (setting the guitars to different left/right) might be necessary on Gp4, sorry about that.

Should be played with RSE, but MIDI sounds fine as well.

"We are not concerned with motive, with higher ethics. We are concerned only with cutting down crime-."
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as i listen
nice relaxed beginning, the keyboard melody fits in well.

I like the Melody of theme 1 and the drum work is good. same goes for Break 1

youre note choice in theme 2 is very melodic, I like how every theme has a different feeling

I like solo 2, nice work

Bringing back theme 1 is a good idea and the ending is alsoo nice.

So all in all it's a strange but cool song with catchy melodies and expressive chord progressions. Nice work, 9/10 although I doubt many people would actually listen to it.

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I'm gonna give this a perfect 10 because its totally awesome. The riff work is very tasteful and the interplay between the 2 guitars is fantastic. The drums are ok but as you said, you're not a drummer.

Edit: I realize this didn't really help you but This song is hard to say anything about because its pretty perfect coming from my tastes and preferences. Could you PLEASE crit my song though?

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