So I recently picked up a new C-1 Plus and a Vypyr 30 amp from GC. I love em both but my problem is that a lot of the higher frets on the guitar don't hold through on the amp. They just fade away real suddenly. Is this an issue with the guitar (I wouldn't think so) or the amp?
maybe you need to crank the highs on your amp? that could help
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Well I don't know because if I play the string acoustically, I can hear the note but even compared to my Squier Strat it doesn't sound quite as loud unless I really give it a good strum. And I've tried putting the Vypyr's Compressor on it. Didn't seem to help Could it be a setup issue?

Edit: Whoops I missed the other post. I'll try cranking the highs. Thanks
mines fine...maybe it needs a truss rod adjustment or soemthing, then again the stock pickups suck, i put active emg's in mine 2 days after i got it lol
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mine sustains fine with no problems
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Lol. If I can't get it a little better within a few days, I'll probably just take it into the shop and ask. Anyway it's probably something really trivial that a n00b like me would miss. Not a big deal. I'll let you guys know if I figure it out and thanks for all the input.