i had this idea for a while and figured i'd try and put it into a piece. i kind of got lost near the end figuring out the conclusion, but i wanted to get feedback on this, regardless.

please and thank you's.

How Tough Is A Cocoon?

She’s evolved into my greatest fear
As her form concludes its change
My mind shatters from stress-filled explosives

Without offering to pick up the pieces
She grips my frail, beating heart
Despite the blood that floods her hands
She make-believes there’s no pulse

Seconds roll by as I predict my end
Without understanding why she’s waiting
Her hold gets tighter but her face is filled with sorrow

I awaited the proposed end
Instead, I hear her scream
The image she constructed
Has suddenly blown apart

An unconstrained companion is what’s left
She kneels down, and offers to pick up the pieces
"take your form
be my fear, be my hope
be the indication
if i'm right or wrong

take your most dreadful form
and let it be known"
he provided assurance