Hello fellow UG'erz:

I'm looking to begin a more serious practice regiment again. Though this time I want to devote time every day to each of the different techniques that apply to the guitar.

Right now, I'm looking to incorporate simple/basic/beginner's legato and tapping into my practice regimen. Where would I begin on this stuff, and what songs/pieces would I begin with other than AC/DC's Thunderstruck intro for my legato? (That one's already been suggested by a friend.)

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P.S. I did an advanced search for this stuff, didn't find anything... so either this hasn't come up (unlikely), or Advanced Search is glitched (more likely)...


Is there a thread on this stuff that I should be looking at that already exists? Cause I get the feeling that there is probably a sticky somewhere on these boards that explains all this stuff in detail... But I haven't seen it yet.
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For tapping, look into the tapping outro of Eruption by VH; start slow at first and increase you're speed every few days. It took me a good week to get okay at tapping so don't stress it.

For legato, there are exercises that go like:


So on and so forth, do the pattern up and down the neck with: 1, index and middle, 2, index and ring, 3, index and pinky.

Do the same thing with pull-offs but in reverse. After a few days of doing this you'll start getting used to legato.
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Trills are good to develop your legato. Then practice using 3 finger for hammer-ons and pull-offs. For tapping, use major or minor arpeggios and play them on one string.
Google joe satriani legato....I found a cool lesson doing that... I started legato by doing excercise like thisn the high e 5-7-8-7-5 then on the b 8. Then u move up and do on the b string 5-6-8-6-5 then on the g string 7......those are 2 basic thing to do and u can even put them both together to make a longer run
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Is Thunderstruck legato (i.e. pull off onto the open B string) or is it alternate picking on every note?
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