I can be new to UG, but I'm new to this band too! Please check out my profile first of all. Then, if your nice enough, seriously, tell me a bit about Bloc Party. If you are a huge fan or have been for a long time, tell me there greatest songs (in your opinion), etc. Do I talk a lot? Get to know me by that also!
That's all now.
If you asisst me, thanx!
Anywhere is possible.
i know youre new so ill be nice. BUT this is the wrong thread for this. and dont ask people to go to your profile, for they won't. try checking out the 'new members' forum.
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lulz, best name ever.

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your probably gonna need this...

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For Bloc Party: Bands & Artists > their genre.

For your profile, if it's your band: Promote Your Band.


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What the hell is that???

TS, you need to post this in the Bands & Artists forum. There's probably already a Bloc Party thread there.

I'm not sure, I just like it.