Hey guys, just wanted to make one of you aware of this sick deal. THIS IS NOT MY SHOP I HAVE NO AFFILIATION WITH THIS SHOP. I live in canada these guys are in california. However, i fell in love with the bugera v55 and i couldnt find anywhere else to buy it cept here


449.99 usd, bugera just recently jacked the price up to 649 so its gonna go soon and id rather one of ug'rs get it.
not sure, and im not sure about the rules on it either but, the v55 is most comparable to a HRD its a little bassier and fuller sounding rather than the country sound that comes out of the cleans of the hrd and it has a thicker distortion. thats the best description i can give there is a youtube video comparing the too. Feel free to close this thread if its against the rules
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Isn't there some deal where we can't post ebay links?

Also, what's the V55 a clone of?

suppose to be a Bad Cat clone by the looks and circutry, but have heard it has a slight fender sound..with the Bad Cat bite and OD
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