i own this guitar


I was thinking of customising it by spraying all the silver hardware.
( bridge, pickup covers, machine heads etc..)

would i need a special paint to stop it from flaking after its dry or anything?

if there is a cheap way of me doing it, other than buying the new parts then your help is greatly appreiciated.

you'll have to scuff it and use a paint specifically for metal.

Also, what color do you want to paint it?
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Black, sorry i should have mentioned!

I could raise cash for a new look but i'd have to sell another guitar and i dont particualy want to do that!
Powdercoat is your best option for recoloring that hardware. Even if you scuff and use good paint, the new paint will be less durable than what you have now.
Honestly, I would buy new hardware and upgrade the quality at the same time.
powdercoat as mentioned above, or if you want to go a cheaper route you could try rustolium brand paint my dad builds handrails and gates for the rich people around here and he swears by that stuff and it hasnt given him any problems in 25 years so...