Just had this guitar professionally setup with new IBZ/DMZ pickups installed (swapped from my new Prestige). Aside from a few knicks shown in the last picture, it's in awesome shape. Very fast/smooth neck, great bridge, etc. I just have no reason for it anymore since I have a couple Prestiges now.

Comes with a $100 hardshell case that I bought when I bought the guitar new.

Price is $400 plus shipping and I get great shipping rates through my work, so it will be pretty cheap. If Paypal, add 3% to total.



the pics don't work, just so you know
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How much would it be to ship to Canada, around Toronto, Markham?
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Quote by wair138
How much would it be to ship to Canada, around Toronto, Markham?

I'll check Tuesday when I get back to work (cheap shipping through work).