It was hard to crit' this, because I use GP and this is PTB. So I doubt it played right.

Didn't sound too bad to me though, I'm not a huge Death-Thrash fan, but this sounded decent. Keep it up (: My only problem was the lack of drums really, but in Power Tab, there's nothing we can do about that, so don't worry about it.
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Well, that certainly doesn't help me much =/

Apparantly C4C is a bull**** rule since I'm currently waiting on 10 owed ones since yesterday afternoon.
Can powertab export to midi? Guitar Pro malfunctions bad when I try to open this.
Maybe that's why you're not getting you're crit backs. Because more people here use GP.
The problem is I didn't bar out this score. If the bars and time signatures aren't sorted out GP enjoys raping the tab.
Well, I'll download Powertab tonight when my crappy bandwidth limit goes away, and then crit tomorrow then.
Wow. Umm. I wish I had anything productive to say. I guess there's a bit more repeating than I like, but you have quite a few solos that make up for this. The repetitiveness comes from a few pedal point riffs that feel just thrown in, and the repeating of single measure riffs. Bit hard for me to analyze much deeper because this program looks way different than what I'm used to. I dug that you used some harmonies that weren't just simply playing a third higher. Harmonized soloing over full chords was the best part of this.

It's not something I would personally want to listen to, but I can still see this as intelligent interesting song.
I can see where you'd get the vibe this is repetitive but keep in mind drums and vocals and all that add alot to a song. I'm pretty sure alot of songs on their own stripped down to one instrument are repetitive.
Hey, thanks for the crit on my song and sorry it took so long for me to respond. I had to download PowerTab on my new computer and was gone yesterday.

To begin though: The intro or first riff sounded good, but with hearing it only in MIDI it sounded very clustered. It also felt a little forced being played so fast, certainly you're a fine guitar player if you can pull it off cleanly.

The chorus, or second riff was better. It felt a little more melodic, which I suppose was your aim. I really liked the harmonies on the latter parts of each section.

The melody line felt a little awkward, and I'm not sure if the a-tonal approach worked well with it. It sort of abruptly stopped the song, and caused a major timing shift.

The next riff felt a little awkward at first, but after hearing it once I felt the timing. Not sure if I liked the second guitar chugging away in the repeat. I liked the following section more, but felt that the "bar" at 13 should be repeated once before heading to the riff at 14.

Wow, I must say, I loved your solo. The harmonies fit perfectly together, with the exception of one note: bar 22, the Eb/F# minor third (atleast it would be in standard) sounded odd. Job well done on the solo, I enjoyed the neo-classical sound and the use of the harmonic minor key.

The next part sounded like some inspirational song from a Rocky movie or something of the sort. It didn't really continue the theme of the past sections, and the lead part at bar 31 felt very awkward. Really, that whole solo felt sort of awkward over the rhythm section.

The last section wasn't the greatest, following the repeats of the first parts. I think it would work better if you skipped repeating the intro/chorus riffs. The last section continued the themes of the second part of the solo, and it felt too interrupted.

Overall, 9/10. Sounded pretty good, very technical in parts and melodic in others. The only drawback is that it's PowerTab, MIDI doesn't sound to great. With a full ensemble I'm sure this would make a great song.

Also, just one thing, use some measures . It makes the whole song a lot easier to process.
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You mean in GP5 or mentally speaking? I never understood that because I think it looks cleaner WITHOUT bars =/
This was chockfull of good riffs.

I don't much to say other than it had good riffs and leads, but the transitioning was bad.

Also, this is more along the lines of melodic death metal a la Carcass, and not death thrash.
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Thanks for the crit.

Unfortunately I can't return crit, because as people have mentioned it doesn't import into guitar pro properly, and I really don't feel like going through the song and fixing it for you. But if you ever fix the bar lines let me know and I'll return to give you a proper response.
Well, after a few minutes in Guitar Pro fixing the time signatures, I am able to listen to it without a hitch (for the most part)

Listening as I type. Right off the bat you have a lot of good riffs, but it does seem to get a little repetitive without drums. Maybe some keys would help with the atmosphere as well. As Slaytanic said, there are some issues with the transitions. I really liked the buildup to your solo, though. The solo itself was pretty damn good too. Very melodic.

Right after the solo ended it almost sounded like a different song. The second solo could have used a harmony, though.

The outtro was pretty good in my opinion, it sounded like everything comes crashing down.

Other than a few issues with the transitions, it was a pretty good piece, and I bet it would sound great recorded.

EDIT: I've included it in gp4 format with the time signatures fixed so others can hear it as well
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hm, i dont have much to say about this.
it has a bunch of good riffs, it's melodic and kind of hard, but not brutal.
reminds me of the old metal bands in the 90's, when they got more melodic.
i like the feel of it.
the song's not that bad. (;
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Would love to hear a drum track added. I think these riffs have real potential for an awesome song. Most of them were a weird combination of Protest the Hero and Between the Buried, like everyone has been saying, but in the good way :P
First off I'd like to say that this is a great song. It reminded me a bit of Nevermore and the riffs were pretty high standard. The little lead thing after the chorus (?) and the transition to the next riff sounded a bit akward, it might be a little too abrupt. However, I'm sure that it'll work fine with vocals in a full band setting. I liked the riff with the slow-ish tremolo picking after the little lead, it has a nice classical feel to it. The solo sounds like something by 80's metallica in some parts actually, good stuff. I'm not sure how those full chords will sound with full distortion though but I think it'll work. You might wanna add some keys during the solo for ambience and to give it a more epic feel maybe. But yeah, nice song.
Diggin the intro riff, sounds really cool, the harmonization is ****ing slick, good job

the riff where you're going 6533230 (dum de de de de dum de de de 6533230 lol), i can see where you were going w/ that, not sure why but it doesn't click to me, maybe b/c its missing the drum track.

The chorus, **** yea, reminds me of Arch Enemy mixed with Nevermore. The lead and the rhythm work perfectly.

Once again, great job on the lead, its got the hooks at the right places.

9/10, solid song in my opinion.

As for the C4C thing, yea, happens to me all the time, give it a few more days.

The riff after the 1st lead reminds me so much of Arch enemy from (the 2nd lead too).
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