I'm looking to upgrade my Overdrive pedal now that I've upgraded some gear (i.e. Fender Deluxe Reverb, MXR Carbon Copy, etc.). Right now I have an old BOSS SD-1. I'm entertaining two ideas at the moment. The first is getting the Keeley mod for my SD-1 which runs about 80$ and it sounds pretty sweet. Other option I'm thinking about is picking up a Fulltone OCD. It's twice the price but its a nice sounding, sturdy pedal. Any suggestions? What's your favorite OD, not Distortion/Fuzz pedal that you've used? I'd like to listen to some demos on Youtube, try some out at Guitar Center and them make a final choice but any ideas are welcome. My sound is like 90s Alt Rock (Smashing Pumpkins, Foo Fighters) and 2000 Blues Garage Rock (Black Keys, Jack White). Thanks.

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Did you try the Digitech Tone Driver??? Its pretty versatile for the price

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the OCD is freaking great. I personally use the ibanez TS9, but that's because the OCD was way too expensive, and the TS9 does what I need it to do. Sell your SD-1 for like $40 and get yourself the cash for either a TS9 or OCD.
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I own a OCD and a Keeley SD-1 with the stacked mod. The OCD is a Better Stand alone pedal But the Keeley is a better boost pedal IMO. The OCD boosted by the Keeley is very nice also
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