Today we take a look at a chromatic idea, which enables you to produce very quick runs in a relatively easy way. To begin with, click here to download the sound files of this lesson:


The run begins on the 12th fret of the high E string. This note will be the only one, which has to be picked, all the other notes are tapped, or played with hammer-on/pull-off. The first 4 notes are fretted with the four fingers of the left hand (see the numbers under the tablature). So between frets 12 and 15 you have to do three hammer-ons with the left hand fingers.

The right hand takes over at the fifth note (E string, 16th fret). As mentioned in one of my previous licks, I propose the middle finger of the right hand for tapping purposes, so that the thumb and the index finger can hold the pick in the meantime. After playing the G sharp note with tapping, the middle finger of the right hand starts to slide up, right to the 23rd fret (if you have a guitar with only 21 or 22 frets, then the slide should end here)....

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