Yes, you read the title correctly. I don't listen to Pop music much but this song caught my attention the first time I heard it. It only took me one listen to think of some great ideas for this catchy song. I came up with this video and got my Korean friend on the second guitar to make it legit. xD

Wondergirls - Nobody Canon Rock Version

Enjoy =D
Work on bends and vibrato, otherwise, nice concept.
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Quote by wyldelife
Work on bends and vibrato, otherwise, nice concept.

Yeah, I can always improve my vibrato, that's for sure. What kind of vibrato do you mean though? I sort of want to get an Eric Johnson type vibrato.

But, my bends are perfectly fine, it's just the action on my guitar has screwed up my E string, causing any bends to basically die out and it costs 50 dollars to fix it, which is fifty dollars I don't have. >_>

Any more input would be gladly accepted. =D
Haha ****ing awesome guys! I don't even know the song you're covering but i totally dig it!
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Quote by professorlamp
whats the song you're covering?

A K-pop song called Nobody by the Wondergirls. You can't imagine how many people laughed at me when I told them I was doing this song before they heard my finished product. haha xD

Wondergirls - Nobody PV

Here's the original song with the official video.
Haha, that was very interesting to watch, but there's not a lot I can suggest because I only have very little to no experience with shredding and stuff.

Nice and interesting.