Alright, this is a song I've been writing for my band Mayor Iguana. There is currently a vocal line in the works, but I am looking for some input before I introduce the song to our singer.

I want to know what you would think of the song if you saw it performed live. Obviously, the drummer is going to be doing a fast punk beat. He trained as a death metal drummer, so expect a pretty fast and aggressive style.

Any suggestions are welcome, particularly regarding the structure/flow of the composition itself. Ignore the goofy faces I make while playing, and the occasional botched pick slide.
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didnt make it all the way through honestly. I'm curious why it's 'progressive'?
I dont think its possible to comment on the song as all we can really hear is the guitar chords. Take it to the band and develop it.
I will say there its difficult to pick out the transitions from part to part, it all kind of mushes together. and you seem to be playing a little faster then you can comfortably.

I'm sure as a full band it will sound fine.
Thanks stephen_rettie, for what you did have to say. Hopefully, transitions will be more clear with a full band, I'll work on them.. Despite that it is just a rhythm guitar part, though, I am looking more for remarks about the riffs themselves- what makes them work, what doesn't work, you know.

Also, I don't know how far you got, but the song is not very repetitive. Anyone else have something positive/negative to say about the song?
hey man. i liked that. very greenday ish. you were realy rockin out there. this is a solid rythem peace. with drums/vocals i think it would be killer. you have a good tone for that style too. it gets long with just the guitar, but that will be fixed. it was hard to tell the chorus and whatnot. but again that would be fixed with a band. i think its as good as its gonna get. take it to the band/singer and start putting it together. this would be a good opening song in a set. nice stuff,

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LIke it (Except of the title, which completely sucks) but you need a full band for it to be more than a chord progression.