mp3 clips of my recordings with it.

this is a mixture of the clean channel and the od channel for lead sound. the gain was on 3.

also, i also used to throw a boss metalcore ml-2 in front of the amp into the clean channel and it just rips!

Fender FM100H 100 watt $150 firm. no trades
$20-25 to ship

bought it new last year, hasnt moved since the first day i placed it.
not a scratch on it. used it for many studio recordings.
excellent cleans and lush overdrives. finely crafted solid amp head imo.
the cleans really are a industry standard, its so full of a signal you can craft
any clean out of it. if you got any compression pedals wow this thing has
the best cleans ive ever played through! vintage sounding overdrives.
so easy to record this amp, it always sounded good for layering.
i paid $239 new from zZounds. im loosing ALOT at this price.
i still have original box it came in with receipts.
you could sell it and get more than me probably.
comes with footswitch to switch in between clean, overdrive/overdrive boost channels.

forgot to mention i live in the US and the Chicago land area. i dont know about international shipping rates.