I've been working on doing some modulation of little cadence phrases and such. For example like taking a II-V and modulating it without resolving it throughout multiple keys. I'm trying to use it as a transition and throwing in some motifs as I do it, but I'm kinda stuff on trying to make it interesting.

Can any give advice or maybe give names of some pieces that do something similar? I'd like to look at some examples but can't find any pieces that do it, though I know they exist. It would probably be something more modern. Thanks!
Coltrane Changes. Look it up on wikipedia, it's basically a ii-V-I going up a major third so you have an augmented triad.
Take a listen to Giant Steps. Great song.
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I've worked on Coltrane changes with my guitar teacher and that kinda helps but it's usually only for a couple measures and I'm looking to expand this on for a little while. Thanks but not exactly what I was looking for. Anything else you can think of?