I'm trying to learn to read sheet music and I need some good music to start on for my guitar. Preferably something not too fast. Anyone have any suggestions?
try and get hold of some sheet music and just try even if it's a fast song, play it slow and build up.

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Well if you use guitar pro, that shows the score. you could just turn the tab part off and read only that for any song
If you have the least interest in Jazz, get a real book. Greatest investment you'll ever make. Other than that just find sheets for the music you like.
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hmmm I have a book called Great Classical Themes
It's a collection of 67 classical songs transcribed for piano. Learned a little of Hall of the Mountain King, Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy (sick piece, by Tchaikovsky of the Nutcracker), Canon and Vivaldi's Autumn, I'm going to eventually learn them all, it's just pure practice for sight-reading, plus those songs rules =O

Hal-Leonard publishes a lot of books like that. For piano BTW, but you can learn it for guitar anyway
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