I write the column "Workin' Band" in Guitar Edge magazine, a national guitar magazine from Hal Leonard and the folks at Premier Guitar magazine.

I'm looking for bands to feature in the column.

Here is an example of the column, from the latest issue:


To be considered for the column, your band must meet these criteria:

1) Primarily a cover band. Some originals are OK, but you must be mostly a cover band. Tribute bands OK.

2) You must play at least 50 shows per year, preferably 75+

3) Ya gotta have it goin' on...

To be considered, please fill out the following questionnaire (give me at least three or four sentences per category, please) and email it to me at adam@logicalleadguitar.com

1) History of Your Band -- Tell us how you formed, why you're getting popular in your area!

2) Booking Advice -- Give us some tips on how you get so many great bookings!

3) Major Exposure -- Have you been on the radio or TV? Have you opened for famous acts? Let us know.

4) Bright Ideas -- Something you've done that really helped draw a crowd, or get better bookings, etc.

5) Other Tips -- Like "get it in writing," or "always wear black," or "don't hit on the club owner's daughter," or whatever. Give us something we can all learn from!

6) Set List

Consolation prize: Even if your band is not chosen to be featured in the magazine, your band will be featured on a highly-trafficked website dedicated to Working Bands. There is no charge for this, and you won't be hit up to pay for the article placement. It's free publicity, dude.

Don't delay, I've got a monthly deadline and need a lot of bands to write about.

Get in touch with me asap with your completed questionnaire and complete contact information, including phone number, email address, and band website url.

Email your completed questionnaire to me at adam@logicalleadguitar.com