I bought this amp about 6 months ago used. I replaced all the tubes with mesa's and had the tech who did it give the whole amp a good once over. The new tubes really warmed up the tone.

I also loaded it with a celestion v30 and now this thing sounds awesome. The cleans are bright and the distortion channel can go from classic rock to metal.

Gotta sell it in the next couple of days so I can pick up my new amp.

$550 obo.
I just bought a stock VK 112, awesome amp, sounds great. I can imagine yours is much better.

Good luck selling it. To anyone reading this, it is a very good amp well worth the price.
noones going to buy it at that price even with new tubes and speakers. might want to lowered the price a tad
What would you suggest. It does say OBO does it not? And I also said I am open to offers!

This thing is a fantastic little amp.
In addition I can also sell it for 375 if anyone wants me to replace the v30 with the original speaker as I still have it.