my name is brian and i intend for this song to be screamo. heres the lyrics

v1- well i put poison in her tea then i went to kill the creed then i found that he was next so i put a bullet in his chest. now im all alone youll see cuz i killed my family mom and dad now rest while my sis wants the best she wants to stay alive so ill let her till she lies. when the time comes everyone dies so ill end it early ill take the job of the reaper.
v2- this time im killin the rest fast. a shot to the head. or fifty f***in snakes in the bed cuz the poison, in such a large amount will kill them very quick. So after theyre dead ill take theyre bodies to a swamp if theyre in the south usa ill put some damn weights on them so that theyre not found or throw them in the ocean so that theyre eaten by sharks
c- I am death- people fear people cry and people die when they think of me- I am death- i am the ones who takes life away the worst kind of person is a self centered f***er ill kill the rude and the crimminals first
v3- I hung em from a tree. i stabbed him without mercy. i made some bleed to death whie they got high on meth. some turned black as coal when i destroyed their soul. I. NEED. TO. WATH THEM DIE. I. NEED. TO KILL THEM ALL. I. NEED. TO WATCH PEOPLE DIE. I NEED. TO KILL (to chorus)
bridge- why do you try to run. you cant escape fromme. if ya start runnin ill be goin as well see, ya in hell cuz I. CANT. LET. YOU. LIVE. (to chorus)
outro i killed them all.
if ya like that and play in instument see my band wanted add in the forum classifieds
put it in lines. it'd be so much easier to read
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Put more poetry within the lines, so the message is more hidden, thus more appreciated.
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Quote by wyldelife
Put more poetry within the lines, so the message is more hidden, thus more appreciated.

This. Think metaphors.