Hey GG&A I'm in the market to buy a fuzz pedal

The tones i want would be more of a Hendrix, Andrew Stockdale (Wolfmother), David Gilmour sort of thick and heavy fuzz. I generally play classic rock/ rock but am quite a fan of blues, metal and jazz/be-bop. I have heard things about the EHX bigg muff but I see people using it for an OD instead of a fuzz, so is it really that thick and heavy of a fuzz?

Budget: 200 (maybe 250, 300 if you can convince me) AUD
Location: Sydney, Australia
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Used: Sure, providing still in a good condition etc.

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Couldn't recommend the Crucible fuzz by Euthymia enough. Try the silicon one,sounds more what your looking for.
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EHX Big Muff Pi NYC will get you the tone you're looking for. I think Andrew Stockdale actually uses/used one in his rig.
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