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Can you remember your first song that you learned? Do you remember how proud you were after you learned that song? Do you remember how hard you practiced to learn that one song?
what's your first song you learned, and how long did it take you to learn it?
Well I haven't actually learned a song from start to finish and I've been playing for 8 months But I can do most of Electric Funeral (Black Sabbath) didn't take long as there's only a few riffs.
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I've been playing for a little more than a year and I have yet to learn a FULL song. I just know a bunch of riffs to my favorite songs.
first song all the way through was All The Small Things by blink-182
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In all honesty I cant remember the first song I learned, all I remember is it was a church song with a G C D chord progression and I had a week to learn it and play it in front of about 150 people good thing no one could hear my guitar haha
well its not my first song, but all the way through would be sledgehammer by fall of troy

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some good old surf rock

I figured out the basic fretting and such of playing guitar in a day or two, I could kind of do the solo as well a month or so later

I then proceeded with Stairway to Heaven, took me about 2 or 3 weeks for the first part of the the solo like a year later
When I was into acoustic I learned Swing Life Away; I played that intro over and over and over till I got it perfect, and managed to impress my bestfriend's boyfriend, who's been playing for 7 or so years. It would've been better if I was capable of singing and playing at the same time buuuuut... :P
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Ive been playin 5 months.. first song i learned start to finish was enter sandman-metallica two months ago:P kinda sad it took me three months to learn a full siong but i wasnt practicing it the whole time learning lots of other roffs aswell, im in a band now and having a blast playing Rythym... after u learn ur first full song learnming other songs fully gets allot easier
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well its not my first song, but all the way through would be sledgehammer by fall of troy

God dammit, I envy you.

Mine was Never Too Late by Three Days Grace. Every now and then I'll tune to Drop D and I'll play it just for fun.
First riff I ever learned was the classic Smoke On the Water bit.

First entire song I learned would probably be Sequoia Throne (wtf?)

Before a few months ago, I would only learn a few riffs to a song and move on.
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i learned smoke on the water first
first full song was bulls on parade by rage against the machine
first song i ever learned all the way through was master of puppets. took about two or three months.
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1st Acoustic was "Put your Lights on" - Everlast and Sanatana

1st Electric was "For whoom the bell tolls"

1st first song I ever performed live was "Undone(The Sweater Song) - Weezer
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1st Acoustic was "Put your Lights on" - Everlast and Sanatana

Ha me too man, I thought I was great

My first full song solo and all was Live Forever by Oasis. Not a big fan of the song now, probably played it too much lol
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First entire song I learned would probably be Sequoia Throne (wtf?)

I tried learning that song about 2 or 3 months after I started playing, and the only thing I could do was the single string tapping part

It took me a week to learn

I'm working on the Divine Suicide Of K. right now, and I almost have the intro perfected. There's a couple parts I'm having trouble with (mostly the 'end wankery' where it's pretty much the intro patterns - just picked), but I'm starting to get the hang of it.

After I learn that song all the way through I'm going to finish learning Bloodmeat. That's gonna be a bitch. I almost have that fill after the first chorus down, I'm about maybe 20 - 30 BPM off from getting it.
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Been playing for about a year and a half. First song I fully learned was Fine Again by Seether then Spiders by System of a Down.
Californication - RHCP

i was pretty impressed with myself once I was able to play the whole song cleanly while singing along to it. It wasn't hard to practice the song, but admittedly, it did take me awhile to nail it.
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My first ever sog to learn was we are 138 by the misfits, on uncle tabbed it out for me at the time along with some nirvana..
I think the first song I learned was either Jump in the Fire or No Remorse, both by Metallica.
This was after I had been playing for a little bit. Before that, I did the usual "learn a few riffs"
Cochise by Audioslave. The riff was the first thing my guitar teacher taught me, just to kind of get my hands comfortable on the guitar, and about a year into playing guitar I could play the full song. It's easy, but very fun to play and the solo is a mere two notes haha...definitely a good song for beginners to learn. The intro is kind of strange but it's not really necessary to play it. Slapback delay and hitting the low E with your fingers.

I will always love Tom Morello...
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Wild Thing by The Troggs
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I guess technically, "Maynard's Dick" by Tool, but the one I learned when I actually got into guitar was "Breakdown" by Jack Johnson.

First song on bass was "Higher Ground," naturally. That was the song that, when I was listening to it once, made me say, "I'm going to buy a bass and learn to play like that."

I probably learned "Maynard's Dick" about five years ago, then "Breakdown" was probably like three years ago, then "Higher Ground" was about two and a half years ago.
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first rock tune- Shooting Star, by Bad Company
first jazz tune- Impressions, by Coltrane
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Dammit by Blink 182.
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First I learned Sunshine of your Love and Smoke on the Water without the solos. I think the first song I could play full out was Heart Shaped Box.
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The first song I learned was Bad Moon Rising by Creedance Clearwater Revival. It took me a few days and still played it sloppy as hell
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i think it was probably the intro chords to fear of the dark and of course smells like teen spirit
Well, probably some song with only a G and an A chord... but the first 'real' song, is probably bad moon rising... or let it be! The first 'cool' song I learned that wasn't just open chords is probably under the bridge!
I don't remember the first song I learned... It was a little folk melody out of a beginner's trombone book... That was about eight years ago, methinks.
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My first song was Bel Air by Malice Mizer.

Check it out on youtube or find guitar pro tabs to see how much of a bad-ass I was when I first started guitar.

The whole song is lead so it really helped my fingering. I learned Mana's part.
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