I've written this song which turned out really good actually, but I can't think of a good title.
It's about a man that kind of, fighting his inner demons, about how he wants to kill his loved one.

Living with the devil in my head
telling me to kill again
Ignoring his words with your help
but still, he, remains

I can’t help but think
Why he tells me to sleep
I can’t help but think
Will he grab you if I sleep?

Demon inside me
take heed my advice and hide
If I find you I’ll destroy thee
But it seems you’re a part of me

I can’t help but think
does she know that you exist
I can’t help but think
of what you said of her poison kiss

Darling, little sweetheart have you seen
my inner darkest dreams?
They’re about you bleeding
Bleeding from your face

I will not subdue to pain
I will never kill again
I would rather die right here
In an empty room with my only fear

Any ideas?
"My Darkest Dreams" ?

"Her Poison Kiss" ?

"Darkling Dream" ?
"Life was such a wheel that no man could stand upon it for long.
And it always, at the end, came round to the same place again."

- Stephen King, The Stand
Quote by AJKane

"Her Poison Kiss" ?


I think just "Poison Kiss" would sound really cool.
i like "devil in my head"
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"My Only Fear".

Those are great last lines.
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Thanks guys for the replies.
I'm leaning towards "My only fear" actually, had come to think of it my self... but yeah the "Posion kiss" was also cool, might write another verse or something so that it would fit more to the song.

Edit: I'm also thinking of maybe a longer title like; "In my dreams you're dying and bleeding". But maybe that would become... to cliché
Just the thing I haven't got a title for this song kept me up all night, so I guess I have to settle for one soon
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