ive got a gretsch electromatic and i badly need to change the strings on it. obviously it makes sense to put gretsch strings on it but my closest music shop doesnt have them, so im wondering if it makes any difference if i put regular ernie ball strings on it? thanks

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You don't need to match guitar brand with the same brand of strings. Brian Setzer plays Gretsch guitars with D'addario strings. Other people don't match Gibson or Fender guitars with the same strings. It will be just fine with Ernie Ball strings. I recommend something other than Ernie Ball as they get dull sounding faster than any string I've tried.
ok thanks, what strings would you reccommend?

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I personnaly dont see anything wrong with EB's...but Elixers are amazing quality, verrry long lasting...and Dunlop strings are good all-rounders in my book.
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tell the sales guy you want a set of 9's in either one of these 3 companies: D'addario, Ernie Ball, or Elixer. I recomend ernie ball
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if you like EB's but wear them out quickly, try the EB coated. Same tone but longer lasting
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