ok so today my itunes took a **** on my face. it wont ****ing recognize my ipod and i updated itunes to 8.2 or some **** like that. its the newest one. any advice on how i can get itunes to recognize my ipod touch? thanks if uve got advice....thanks if u dont.
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jizz on it (the ipod)


maybe yur ipod needs some kinda firmware update or something. plug it in, and navigate throught the itunes controls and settings. or use the help thing that itunes shoulod have...
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throw your iPod at the screen
then throw the screen at the iPod on the ground.

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did you try reformatting the ipod?

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now now, i think the real issue you need to look at is your potty mouth before you worry about your ipod.

(also, accidental irony there that you have a potty mouth, and itunes shat in it)