I'm thinking of getting a tele copy that sounds good, but is also cheap, to reproduce the sound of Jimmy Page with the Yardbirds, and the early days of Led Zeppelin.

I hear Johnny Brook guitars are actually quite good (Despite their cheapness.) You can get them for £50 on Ebay here in the UK, Buy it Now. I've read some reviews and the sound is described as faithful to the telecaster's, and has the "twang" of a real tele too. There is one guy who says he thinks it sounds as good as a Fender with Fender pickups and when it's strung through the back, but even so sounds great for the price with stock pickups.

Anyway, I'd like to know does anyone disagree with these reviews who has had experience with Johnny Brook guitars. I'm also interested in whether the strats and Les Paul copies are any good, or any other guitars done my Johnny Brook.

Also, does anyone know how heavy they are? I really appreciate lightweight guitars that don't pull my neck down.

Its common to hear cheap guitars with lots of praise. This happens to Epiphone (they have the worst case of it) and other copy guitars like agile and cheaper Tokai guitars. For 50 pounds it is impossible to make a good copy of a guitar. One reason is for the praise is that they are reviewed by someone who is a beginner or someone has "played and compared" to the higher end Gibson and Fender models. The other reason is that the fact that it so cheap makes the guitar seem cooler than it is. If I were you I would save up a lot more and look into Asian copy guitars (tokai, burny, agile, edwards, greco) which are about 3 times cheaper and (almost) as good as the real thing. As far as the Yarbird thing goes, you can't get "the" sound with any particular guitar alone if you don't have the amp and pedals to go along with it. Jimmy page used fuzz pedals with both bands. Zep1 was all about a small amp (rumored to be a Supro) modified with a low wattage speaker, a Tonebender fuzz pedal, and a wah pedal. You can find many vintage Supro and Supro killers, and even new supro copies for cheap, as well as a plethora of new Tonebender copies (old ones are rare). I've also seen a reproduction of the pedal Roger Mayer built for Jimmy while he was in the Yardbirds. If you do choose to go Telecaster, low wattage Alnico 2 magnet pickups are the Jimmy Page way to go. Good luck
led zeps early tone is not indicative of Page playing a telecaster. In those early days, one of things Page was best at was making that telecaster sound as much like a les paul as it possibly could. It certainly never twanged when used w/ Zeppelin.
Jimmy pages telecaster sounded nothing like a Les Paul. It didn't have the twang because he either put it through a small amp that was about to burst or through a fuzz box. But his tone is still 100% telecaster goodness.
Maybe I'm coming into this conversation a bit late but I'm looking at a Johnny Brook Tele so if anyone who currently owns one could comment, I would be grateful.
I have a Johnny Brook Tele. It is pretty good. The action is very high and the frets need lowering a bit but it has a good sound. Great for blues. You can get a good clean sound but you couldn't really use it for Metal unless you put in different pick-ups. after getting one I'm definitely considering buying a strat copy also
I would recommend them.