Here is my first attempt at writing songs as a set to be listened to together. I'm very happy with it.

It is about a bus journey that goes wrong.

How is the length of the songs? I'm not great at figuring out where to create length in a song so they might have suffered a bit in that process.

Any comments at all would be appreciated. I might record some these if my band is interested in branching out from covers.

A link to MP3s of Guitar Pro's RSE rendition: PublicTransport.zip 16mb

The track listing:

The Turnpike (1:26)
Maybe Today (4:26)
Public Transport
I: 3rd Stop (4:06)
II: Frogs in the Rain (1:46)
III: A Dark and Lonely Road (5:57)
Public Transport EP.zip
Public Transport 1.2.zip
I like waffles

Please crit my EP!
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Hmm, how do I add [mp3] to the title, perhaps that would get more people to listen.

It won't bite, honest
I like waffles

Please crit my EP!
First song was great. Although the leads were really really quiet.

Second song was a little bland. It had it's moments to shine, but I found myself skipping through the song to find them. There was a tempo change (the bridge I think?) that really didn't work very well. Your main lead guitar was again too quiet. This song really needs a vocal track to make it more interesting

Third song is kind of goofy and happy. Bass is a little loud, rhythm is a little quiet. The last little bit of the chorus was totally unexpected. Very cool. Could barely heard the leads in the bridge. This one would also greatly benefit from vocals or melody of some kind.

Public Transport II: Mixing problems as usual, but really cool Loved the leads.

Public Transport III: Drums were a little obnoxious. I found it a little boring up until the keys came in. The time change in the verse seemed rather pointless, and it threw the beat way off.

Overall, a lot of really great stuff, very unique ideas. It really suffered in the way of mixing, there were a ton of parts that I just couldn't hear properly, lots of instruments were also way too loud, there was no panning to separate anything.

It also suffered from a lack of melody, vocal or otherwise. There were just these big open spaces that got kind of boring without a leading melody.

Other than those two things though, you had some incredibly unique ideas, great solos, great bass, great drums.

And if you want more people to listen, go and crit everyone elses stuff, instead of hoping someone takes notice of your thread.
Updated, quite a few significant updates in this I think, I'm not sure what the version I uploaded first was like.
I like waffles

Please crit my EP!