Hey yeah I just got assigned as lead guitarist in my school talent show for my friends band, so this means I have to pick a song to play. Were into stuff like Avenged Sevenfold, Bullet For my Valentine But we need something with just a tiny bit of screaming cuz the singer doesn't scream. We cant do hearts burst into fire or Scream aim fire cuz we have already done those. Please Can You Help Me?
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Pixies - Monkey gone to heaven


I support this. You'll get indie chicks too.
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Lamb of God - Black Label

Get the audience to do the Wall of Death
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crossing the rubicon by the human abstract.

only band i can think of that you'd like, but also isn't gay.

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Black Rose Immortal- Opeth

But seriously, try Sleeping Giant or Iron Tusk by Mastodon.
holy diver-killswitch Engage
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Look, you're playing for your school.

Maybe you should think about something the audience would like to hear instead of just inflating your ego by playing the most brootal song you know. Not that I'm suggesting you were doing the latter, but I recall during my school's talent show, many of my fellow guitarists decided to play instrumentals or something not very interesting to a jaded group of juveniles which lead to a really boring show(though, the vast amount of dancers contributed to that too, no doubt).
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Cemetery Gates - Pantera. It's not exactly what you want but I think it would work better. You don't necessarily have to do the softer intro, but it would be pretty cool if you did.
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Hand of Blood - BFMV
Laid to Rest - LoG
Lip Gloss and Black - Atreyu
Sixpounder - CoB
The Downfall of Us All - A Day to Remember
Arms of Sorrow - KsE
Whiplash - Metallica
Holy Wars - Megadeth
Blindfolds Aside - Protest the Hero
A Boy Brushed Red - UnderOath

but really, play Killing in the Name by RATM and try to get your crowd to join in with the bridge vocals.
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Hey yeah I just got assigned as lead guitarist in my school talent show

That means nothing.
Like it or not A7X is pretty popular so I'd play one of there songs. However if you want to do an authentic cover some of there lead work is challenging and so are some of the drum parts. Listen to some A7X songs and see what you and your band can handle.
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