I am reasonably new to the idea of modding my guitar but wanted to get some new pickups.

I have a Jackson Dinky with the original pickups but am wanting to get some EMGs or similar type pickups to change. Thing is i dont have a clue what the difference between EMG - 81's or 60s is, let alone which one goes in the bridge or neck positions!

Help please!! =(
81 in bridge and 60 in neck.

As for replacing the pickups, you need some soldering ability (no need to be good at it, just gotta do it right), and you have to repalce all the pots and the jack. It sounds crazy, but it isn't.
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Im not sure what pickups to get tho. I want a nice metal sound with a bluesy touch and crisp clean sound too. Im thinking metallica, megadeth, maiden, gilbert, satriani, knopfler sounds all rolled into one. Lol, any ideas?
Not actives. I'd go for something like a Duncan Full Shred/'59 combo or something along those lines.
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