www.myspace.com/nohopeforthehero. we are based out of stevensville, MI

We are looking for a vocalist who has a wide vocal range as well as the voice that goes with our style of music. We play pop-punk, with a little bit of hardcore thrown into it. You dont nescisarily have to be able to scream, but if you can then you earn bonus points. We need someone who is able to practice a couple times a week and who we will just generally be a cool person, become a good friend, and will be able to just hang out with us as a band and have fun. We have already started doing shows, and have decided that it will just be easier if we have someone doing lead vocals. We ARE serious musicians and this is NOT a screw around band.

If your interested please contact me via UG or go to the band myspace. which once again is www.myspace.com/nohopeforthehero and message or comment us with your info and we will get back to you.

Thanks for your time

elllioTT of NHFTH