Rules are simple.

1) Answer the question "What's your favorite acoustic instrumentals?"

2) It can be more than one song.

Mine's "Angelina" - Tommy Emmanuel
Impossible to pick just one...

Aerial Boundaries - Michael Hedges
Spirit Of The West - Don Ross/Andy Mckee
The Wind & The Wheat - Phil Keaggy
Chameleon - Adam Rafferty
Josie - Pete Huttlinger

...I could go on forever.
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Rain Before the Storm by Ben Konstantinovic
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Bother- Stone Sour
Blurry and Psycho- Puddle of Mudd

I bought an acoustic yesterday. feels awkward. only ever played electric before.
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You know what's wonderful? Randi Scrugg's version of the song "Both Sides Now" by Joni Mitchell.
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Kyuss - capsized

And this:
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John Butler - Ocean
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Green Day - Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)

lol amidoinitrite

Anyway, Angelina by Tommy Emmanuel is great as mentioned. Loved anything by Buckethead, e.g. The Homing Beacon, Spell of the Gypsies, All in the Waiting etc.
Beyond The Mirage - The Guitar Trio (Paco, Al, John)
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classical gas- mason williams

Oh, good. I was freaking out for a second before I saw this cuz I thought that perhaps I would have to finally cut my over-rated friend Clapton some slack. Classical gas is awesome.

Anyway, my favorite it probably Bron-yr-Aur. I don't need to tell you guys who does it.
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acoustic medley - in flames

deadly harmony
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Bron-Yr-Aur - Led Zeppelin
Spanish Fly - Van Halen
Classical Gas - Mason Williams (Eric Clapton's version)
Melissa's Garden - Steve Vai (Not sure if it's fully acoustic, too lazy to check)
For Mom - Buckethead
No one's mentioned this yet, weird....Jar of Flies EP-Alice in Chains. Unless it can't have vocals, in which case: Whale & Wasp, from that same EP
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