Hey, my local back-ass Christian music equipment store sells Ernie Ball strings for electric guitar. I'm a hardcore punk/noisecore experimental musician and I need strings that would suit hardcore punk. I'm not sure whether to get Super Slinky, or Power, since those look like my best bets. If anyone could point me in the right direction that'd be cool.
DR makes good strings, either Tite Fit or High Voltage I think their called, idr

Ernie ball skinny top heavy bottoms are good

Dean Markleys Reissues are good as well.

D'Adarios (sorry for spelling) are also pretty good

Just have to try em out and see what fits you best
Yeah, the only brand they really have are Ernie Ball, and the version of strings I used to get by them seem to not exist anymore (They were called Rock n Roll or something) and those worked fine for me. I guess I'm looking for an Ernie Ball type that is a bit more heavy, so that's why Power slinky came to me as an option.
When it comes to strings, its almost purely personal preference, but some good ones that I've used in the past are:

Dean Markleys
D-Addarios (or however you spell it)
Ernie Balls

Now my primary strings are Ernie Ball 10s, but like I said, it's almost purely personal preference.