So... for those not aware, Mount Eerie is Phil Elvrum/Elverum of The Microphones. He has been releasing albums as Mount Eerie since, I believe, 2005.

My order for Wind's Poem (his most recent album) recently arrived and it's as good as The Glow Pt.2/ It Was Hot We Stayed in the Water, IMO. It's supposedly Phil's attempt at (well, "tribute to" is probably a better choice of words) black metal and if you like it you should probably check out the Black Wooden Ceiling Opening EP which was released last year.

so... any fans?

PS: You can order from him here
he's pretty amazing, I personally prefer kyle field to phil but the microphones and mount eerie have tons of great stuff.

I think "singers is my favorite album of his. "uh oh it's mourning time again" is such a great song
i've enjoyed a few albums. last year's EP was pretty good and this one sounds better from what i streamed on NPR.
Pretty sure that Phil can do no wrong.

New album is so good. Listened to it last night while driving home and it is so enveloping that I don't remember most of the drive, but I do remember the music.
I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet!
will do tonight though.


finally listened to it! it rules!
his writing is always so great.

also, the final track sounds like something out of Nova.
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