looks like. Depends on what you have right now.
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right now i have a squier strat, and this one is pretty good, stays in tune very well, very nice tone, just overall good for a first, but its a squier, and i play mostly metal/hard rock, so its not for me, but it is signed by the red hot chili peppers and i got it for free
well ive been reading, but i havent really seen reasons as to why they hate them, feel free to post if you know
Well man, for the same/similar price you can get guitars from ESP that have active EMGs on them, and I guess that's your thing. This one for example: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/ESP-LTD-MH401-Floyd-Rose-Electric-Guitar?sku=520115

It might be a good guitar, but for the price you can do better I guess.
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well my main concern with esp is the emgs really, i was leaning towards esp but how often do you need to change the battery in an emg?
like ive said with so many people before its what you feel is best..go to a local long and mcquade or guitar centre and play around with it and see if you like it personaly i would buy it if i had money but i would prefer to have a schecter shedevil...and the only complaint i have to do with the edge III is that its double lock so its not something your going to want to tune to different tunings all the time i was pissed at myself i got the shop to set mine up with 9 gauges and i forget to tell them half step down or drop d and now i have it stuck as my standard guitar (i hate myself for that) so i went and got 2 new cheap guitars both are good but the washburn isnt something im going to always play i preffer my ibanez and my ltd les paul and i know that people are going to ask why i have those but its because of personal preference and like i said thats all it takes

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well i mainly play in standard tuning, i think i go to drop d for maybe 1 or 2 songs i can play atm, but all the others, excpet of few, like C standard and drop c, i can just do those on my strat
In answer to the comments about the Edge III
Although i've never played one, and as such, this isn't THE most valuable piece of information.
A lot of people say the blades which they pivot upon wear out very quickly due to them being made from a weaker alloy.

You could always look for a second hand one that may have a different version of the edge trem, made with better materials, or another model Ibanez using a different trem ZR or the edge and edge II are of higher regard.

Other than that, maybe look for another guitar brand, or a higher end model of a squire? Its really down to preference, and you ought to try things at the shop rather than making a choice without trying things in a similar environment to what you normally play(ie. though the same amp you own, or a one you aim to buy in the future)
hmm it depends on if you prefer it all it takes is go to a local music store and play around with it if you dont like it pick up another guitar and play with it and possibly it will be cheaper and better for you so you get something you prefer and possibly save money

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true nuff. On those, the neck isn't the crazy thin one, but decently. You may want to change the pickups eventually. Still, there are the ESP LTD super strats without the EMGs, also. The H and MH series. But tuning no matter, especially if you keep your Squire.... DO YOU NEED A TREM BRIDGE?
The world doesn't revolve around you. If it does, beware. You're probably about to pass out drunk.

The 19 year old who knows his stuff. Most of the time.
For that price, get yourself an S series, the S470 has the ZR trem, and is a fantastic guitar.
well this is also canadian pricing, so it might seem a little high to you guys in the U.S.

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I've never had experience of an Edge III, but they're meant to be unreliable. Overall however, that seems to be a decent guitar.
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also a quick question, would the maple fretboard play good? I don't see many guitars that have that except some fenders
As others have said, it is not a bad guitar, but you can do better for the price. The ESP for example. I have heard of the edge breaking on websites on stuff, but I don't have any real experience with it. Ibanez is a pretty reputable brand though, especially for the genres you play.

I've played through this, http://www.guitarcenter.com/Schecter-C-1-Classic-Electric-Guitar-513072-i1443057.gc
Just a suggestion.

Jackson makes some quality dinkys in that same price range. Good luck!
well what esp's would you recommend for that price, remember this is canadian dollars so take that into consideration
Check out the Jackson DK2M. It's about the same price, with the maple fretboard and sharktooth inlays, and has the Jackson FR, which is supposed to be sturdier.

EDIT: DK2M is 699.99 american, which is around 771.25 canadian going off of what google says.

The necks on Ibanez/Jackson guitars are different though, so you should definitely try them out before you buy them. I love Jackson necks, but the Ibanez I don't like. What feels 'good' will depend on how you play, there's no real way to tell without playing them.
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