Hey. I'm currently trying to figure out arpeggio tapping (i.e. Michael Romeo) and was wondering if anyone knew of any good general exercise I could use to help improve my technique. Thanks.
do you know how arpeggio's are constructed?

with that information and some imagination, you should be able to make your own.

but anyway,

Thanks...I do know the basic arpeggio shapes and such and I understand theoretically what they are...I just needed to find something that concentrated more on the particular technique.
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Check out Sea of lies by Symphony X, If you haven't already.

Yeah, there's a string skipped tapped arpeggio in the 3rd solo, that's harder than hell, and another one in the middle of the 2nd solo that's not quite as hard but still very difficult.

Romeo uses this technique a great deal. There's a similar idea in the damnation game, and one more in another song that I've temporarily blanked the name of.

Take them slow, and really concentrate on getting the notes even. Massive attention to muting! Other than the sheer speed that Romeo executes these licks, the muting is the hardest aspect.

The one in the 3rd solo of SOL is especially difficult because the note grouping changes in the middle (from sextuplets to 32nd notes back to sextuplets). That takes a great deal of control to execute at anything near song speed - you can't just go flat out, you have to actually control it. It's a good idea to play it in half time (8th note triplets and 16ths) at first until you start getting the hang of it.